Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work? Where do I start?

It’s easy. Fill out the form on my Contact page, or send me an email at christianbentulan [at] gmail dot com. We’ll discuss your book cover needs and ideas then. It helps if you have an idea of what you want, so if you have any examples of covers from other authors you enjoy, feel free to send them along. Then I’ll come up with the first version of your cover, and we’ll go from there.

How much do your custom covers cost?

Ebook Package: $500
Print Package: $575
Audiobook Package: $625

What’s the turnaround time for cover design?

Whenever I started your cover design, I can actually finish it within one to three days. It will also depend on how long you will provide feedback for revisions.

How do I contact you?

Just visit our Contact Us page to get in touch. Or hit me up on my Fb page

I ordered an Ebook Package. Can I upgrade that to a Print or Audiobook Package?

Of course! I charge $50 to upgrade from Ebook to Print, __ to upgrade from Ebook to Audiobook, and __ to upgrade from Print to Audiobook.

What is your availability?

I am mostly available at all times, just hit me up a message so we can discuss the date. I usually give my clients a one week allowance for assurance of my availability.

What genres do you work with?

We’re open to working with all genres.

How does the cover design process work?

First we gather information about your book via our About Your Book form. We ask for a detailed synopsis, your ideas, important themes and symbols, and example of covers you like or that convey the tone you’re looking for. Some authors have specific ideas for their covers, while some give us general thoughts on the design, and others just want to see what we come up with. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll develop a first draft and work with you.

What should I put on the back of my print book?

Some possible elements to include on the back are: the blurb, an author bio, an author photo, review quotes, your author website, social media links, your publishing name/logo, category, and price. It can be helpful to look at the backs of books in your genre for other ideas.

How do we handle payment?

I use PayPal all the time.

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